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Guided Visualisation - "The Hidden Shop." Relaxation, Meditation, Calmness.

How to use this visualisation

This visualisation works best when it is read out loud to you, and you are able to close your eyes and fully immerse yourself in the experience.After completing the story, take a few deep breaths and reflect upon where it took you, how your feelings manifested, and whether you can find any meaning in the details that came to you.

Imagine yourself walking down a high street, It may be a high street you are familiar with, or it may be somewhere completely new to you.

As you look around, notice what it looks like. Is it day or evening time... what's the weather like... is it busy or quiet... are you alone or with others?

As you walk along, you notice a side street, and you decide to walk down it. The side street is lined with shops, all different kinds. See which of these shops looks most appealing to you. And so you decide to go inside.

As you enter the shop, notice what you see. Are there shelves, or tables, or cabinets..? Take a good look around and notice what kinds of objects there are.

And also notice the ambience and atmosphere of the shop. Is it busy or quiet... are there other people shopping?

After a while you decide to take a closer look at the objects in the shop, until you pick one in particular that you would like to purchase.

You take the object in your hands. What does it feel like... what is the texture... how big or small is it?

Now make your way over to the counter to where the shop keeper is standing. They greet you with a friendly smile.

When you put your chosen object on the counter, and ask what the price is, the shopkeeper informs you that this shop doesn't deal in money, but in exchanges instead.

They explain that in order to purchase your item, you must exchange it for something you have on your person.

Take a moment to become aware of what you have on you. Do you have pockets... are you carrying a bag... or something else? Do you have to search for something or is it readily available?

If you can find something,  you can decide to make the exchange.

Now, after making the exchange - or not - you turn around and exit the shop.

Once outside in the side street, take a look around and just notice how you feel.

Then walk along the side street until you find yourself back in the original high street. Has anything changed? How do you feel?

When you are ready, slowly open your eyes.


What does this visualisation represent?

The theme of making the exchange with the shop keeper can be representative of how we are in relationships. Do we easily 'give' ourselves to others or are we more hesitant? Do we feel we get a fair 'exchange' in relationships or do things seem more one sided?

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