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Finding the way, together.



Reb - Integrative counsellor in Norwich

Hello and welcome!

I work with adults over 18 years old, and understand that people seek counselling for variety of reasons.

Some are looking to explore issues of anxiety, loss, or trauma.
Some wish to feel more present and find purpose in their lives.
And for some people it's an opportunity to unravel the day to day thoughts in their heads that may be leading to feelings of overwhelm or low self worth.
Whatever your reason may be, I can offer you a non-judgemental space where we can fully focus on you.

After all, how often do we get the opportunity to do that in every day life?

I will work with you and your individual needs, drawing upon different therapeutic techniques that fit you specifically.
I like to view our work together as a journey of exploration, where there are no 'wrong' ways of looking at things.

Discover more about how I work here.

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